A WhatsApp Nofap group for Indians

Hello all,
I am thinking of making a telegram Nofap group, separately for Indians as from my experience, what I have learnt is that people from different regions have different reasons for nofap and different reasons for urges and different reasons for relapses.One other reason was that different people are from different timezones, which makes it difficult to interact with. That is why I thought there is a need for a group that have people from same timezone and same region, where people can get instant help, advice, daily discussions, weekly challenges, no English barrier etc. So, if you are an Indian and are interested, please leave a message stating your username and I will add you to the group.
#nofapforever #HumNhiHilaege

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Sahi h bhai but wo Aap WhatsApp pe bhi group bana sakte ho??

Ha yr, par WhatsApp pe mob no. Dena padta hai. Kuch logo ko isse problem hoti hai. Telegram can work without no. That is why


I am ready for it bro … Please make the group on telegram …

I have created a WhatsApp group as most of us Indians are familiar with it. Please join it via this link:-https://chat.whatsapp.com/EpVQhdityIWAQBecsHDVnG

Aaiye, karte hai apne naye jeevan ki shuruat.

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This group would be focused on helping each other during urges and various other things. Join with the link. It has started recently and would be expecting lot more users so that everyone would be successful in this journey.


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The group is up and running. All the members joined so far are interactive and we are sharing so much. Be a part of it, the link for joining is above. Do join us in the journey.

Thanks @tushard964 for sharing this, but please don’t take this as a competition of who gets more participants. This group that we have is exclusively for Indians as we all have similar reasons and experiences with fapping. Also, as we all live in same time one, it’s way easier to interact with each other. One doesn’t have to wait till midnight for everyone to be active. So, if you are interested, you can join our group.

The group is flourishing after 1 month of successful start. We have people from all over India who are helping/getting help by others and have succeeded in getting good streaks of 30, 45, 15 days etc. If you are an Indian who is need of a solid accountability group, join this group. We use both Hindi and English as mode of communication.

Here is the link:-

I am interested to join in this group. Add me to this group bro!

I am also interested bro my no. 8469963352

Add me also in NOFAP group. My no is 9088495855.

Add my no also. 9088495855.

Hi bhai … Mujhe bhi add kr sakte ho plz? My no 9819632568