A Way to Transform Urges 🕉

Today i was alone in my room at night. I was watching TV. There was smartphone in my hand and i was on my first day of Reboot.

Suddenly i start seeing if i could find anything sexy movie tonight on TV. Then an idea pops up in my mind why not watch exclusively on my smartphone. this is a mindset of a beginner guy in initial days of journey. What i did after that. I remembered a way given to me by a religious man and it worked magicaly.

This works like this.

  1. I sat down,closed my eyes. Then i gave more powers to the thoughts of urges by remembering them.
  2. I start seeing clearly what i wanted . I saw all those girls and scenes on which previously i had masturbated. Then i see the smartphone and TV in my thoughts to which i was masturbating. I clearly saw that there were no actual girls but it was all just a dream and after all it was only a smartphone or tv box to which i was giving myself. Then,
  3. i saw the final result of the Act. I saw the energy released in the form of semen from my body. All energy gone wasted. I clearly saw in my head that there was no real girls and i was living in imagination. Not only this but i was wasting my precious life giving Energy.
  4. Next step. Remember your all those recent awkward moments in public situations. I remembered how i was walking in public like i was hiding myself. I remembered my moments when my brain becomes block in very crowdy places and i cant think clearly. I remembered that feeling of fear. Fear of facing strangers. Not looking in their eyes. I remembered why my energy levels are so down why i get tired by simple tasks and living my life lying on bed like a deadman. i remembered why i cant focus on one thing. Why i cant do study for long hours why i am so socialy awkward person.
  5. By just remembering my all those moments of weakness, The Urges goes away and the sexual energy Transformed.
  6. Then, what i did after that. I opened my eyes and start studying and slept after that without wasting myself.

:blush: Brethrens, Do this excercise everytime Urges comes and one day will come when you no longer require this Meditation Technique and you become a Free Man.



Really good method to counter the urges, will definitely give it a try

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Awesome way to deal with urges

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Love that idea!
I am going to try that tonight I just started this app and hope it keeps me from wanting to share my wife and masterbating to the thought of the imaginary concept that will never happen. Thanks