A Simple Realization That Helps

Brofist to all!
Well I have just started but I got to learn some great information and advices in the forums and posts section. One thing that I could give out as an advice is, if you are an lonely or introverted person, it’s important to know that you have become this, we all learn and unconsciously become introverts. But to what I have come to realize is that, being introvert is not a type it is just a choice. If one day you wish and want to stop being alone you totally can, and there lies a great benefit too.

When you are not just to yourself and be with someone or a group (you don’t have to be very public, limiting people is fine) you won’t go into the whole urge thing. You urge most often when no one’s around. So quick hack to break the urge could be, just moving outside or siting between people till you feel you’ve stopped thinking about PMO.

I hope this gives you more motivation and helps you as a tool.
Let us all be the better one!:wink::loudspeaker:

brofist :facepunch:


Yes brother. Being around people helps a lot for noFap.

The reason is this- PMO is a form of escapism. Being around real people keeps us in the real world. In PMO, women are easy, and they walk around trying to hook up with anyone. They just want pleasure and the don’t care. In the real world, however, women of character aren’t like that. You can’t jsut go forward and do things. They require respect, love and affection.

True about the introvert part. While it’s genetically designed, it’s true that making a conscious effort will go a long way. And noFap helps. A LOT. I am an introvert too. But when I do noFap, lots of people want to talk to me. I don’t even have to go forward. More than that, I have more guts now. I go forward and talk to people. Never used to do that till now.

Keep fighting and Flame on bro :facepunch:


Rightly said

I am an escapist and introvert. I hate groups of people, parties etc…,

I am trying to get out of this mindset

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Keep going man. All the force to you and our community!:facepunch:

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And you will, brother! Coz you realise and that’s half way. Keep going dude!:facepunch:

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Introverts are ready for loneliness