A question of my mind,

There has always been a question in my mind, that might sound dumb but,
Before relapsing, we know its gonna effect us, we know thats wrong we should not do this, but still sometimes we relapse even if we are on high streak. Where does this inner voice " Thats bad for me" Comes from?
Whats the main reason, that we dont even listen to that voice?


Well @nofapstar123 it just your consciences that’s talking to you.

Why you don’t listen to it is just that the urge for fapping gets too much and you are after that instant gratification rather than to think twice about your choice. So it is an impulse and going to far sometimes also makes you feel guilty so you’ll go all the way at times to feel bad of failing completely rather than to stop mid way.

The other thing is to learn to adapt to this way of life is hard as there is so many things to focus on at the same time. Like shifting your attention to do something else rather to fap.

Work on celebrating your streaks and focus on the good in the journey and should you fall build yourself up. In time you’ll learn to listen to your inner voice ( consciences)

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


I agree with cubenix.

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