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Hi dear @Taher
I saw you post in companions section asking does anyone have trouble understanding the app so i have 2 simple questions i think everyone maybe have:

  1. In my companions section what’s the meaning of the time writen in the right under 3 dot ●●● of every companion? (I think its the time when that user conected to app with internet and update his mode but not sure)
  2. I earned badge of 1 day, 3 day, 7day and… and now i am on badge 12 days. There are 1000 people have badge 1 day, 800 badge 2, 700 badge 3, …, 300 badge 12 days, am i part of those 1000 people and also 800 also 700 and also 300 or just i am part of 300? and if i am only part of those 300 people how long i am part of that badge? Until approaching next badge? (because a few days ago i saw there was 1 person on 1000 day and now no one have this badge, does he approached day 1001 or he relapsed?)
    I wish i could transfer what was in my mind

The first question is answered by @anon95821051.
You are just part of 300, and when you move to next badge, you will be removed from the previous one.
The 1000 day guy, Either he approached day 1001, or relapsed or haven’t opened his app in past 7 days.

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