A question about no fap

Guys, I have a question. Did any of you had good erection and hornyness after day 90? I’m on 55 day and it’s getting boring… I don’t have erections and I don’t get horny at all. I dont know if I’m on a flat line again… Today I saw a picture and I got an erection but that’s it… It’s like I don’t get sexually excited anymore… Nothing going down there…


You are safe.
Its normal… because i too have similiar experience.

Good News for you is that your dick is fine. If you do sex now… there will be no problem… if you fap… it will erect and ejaculate like before.

You are feeling like this because your dopamine is healing … your brain is healing. … its like a shut down… when It Reboots … world will become full of colors again.

The sexual flame will be more sensitive after the flatline … girls will look more beautiful… if your goal is getting a girlfriend … and if you want complete freedom… the same girls may look like your mother.

It all depands upon what you want to get from a Reboot…
Some want health.
Some want women.
Some want success.
Some are looking for Enlightenment.

So… wisely choose … what you want … because in the end… all your efforts will join… and make that happen.

Its universal law… nomatter how long it takes. . … you finaly get what you want.

Its your choice.


Thank you very much brother!


I think you have to increase your strictness towards PMO… this :point_up: is a sign when mind trying to convince you to fap. please never do that… never fall in same trap again.
After looking at your words, I feel that the amount of dopamine which has gone up in your mind is not balanced yet… still healing… so do not stop keep going… it need to be balanced…!!


So I woke up today having morning erections and I get mentally horny which is a good sign. I think it’s getting better… I had this for like 20 days… Is it possible to have erections like 5 or 6 in the morning and don’t know anything about it?

It’s totally normal. Most of us get morning wood and feels horny during the 90 days reboot.
Even after 90 days you will experience this from time to time, the difference will be your control over emotions. You will feel more control and easily handle feeling horny or doing pmo.

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Yeah I just think that I won’t be horny anymore you know… A friend of me sent me(without my consent) some explicit photos of a girl, and I didn’t feel nothing.and I believe the same will go for porn too… But yeah sure I can control 100%my emotions

Beware !
I have fallen for this trick !
Mind says you can watch… and it wont make you relapse… and it gives reasons for that…
Beware !
Dont feed the Serpent !
Kill the very first thought.


Why are you suspended?