A proven way to survive the urges


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A proven way to avoid relapse.

It’s my own experience, until you don’t kick up your dopamine-b-hydroxylase, in other words, a neurotransmitter associated with movement, attention, learning, and the brain’s pleasure and reward system, there is almost 0% chances of relapse.

For example, you have a history of watching gay-pornography, and you have blocked all porn sites in your mobile and laptop already. But, you are using social media and YouTube yet. Unconsciously, while browsing and scrolling you see some semi-nude pictures or videos of cute shirtless boys or girls in bikinis. Here you kick up the dopamine, you feel that awkward energy coming from your testicles upwardly, your heart goes on. But, after a moment you realize that you are on NoFap journey, and instantly hide or report that picture or video.

But wait, after kicking up the dopamine your brain is not yet calm. It might ask you or start telling you that “please watch it one time more”, until you go for proper pornography and do PMO, I.e. relapse.

Furthermore, everyone has a crush in his vicinity, his or her glance can also kick up your dopamine, and could lead you to PMO. They might be one of the major factors responsible for your PMO addiction. So, kindly avoid seeing them untill they seem normal to you. Smile!

If you have a readymade strategy for such a situation, you can survive it. Otherwise, you will fell into the trap of edging, porn, masturbation and Orgasm. At the end of the day you will be a loser.

My strategy for such a situation Is: I have blocked Twitter and Instagram and set YouTube on restricted mode, which are the fundamental causes of PMO. Besides, unliked all the pages and left the groups on Facebook which share sexual contents. Whenever, I feel like I’m going to fell into the trap of PMO, I just switch off my phon and laptop, and go outside, or call to a friend for meeting in a near by coffee shop. That’s it!

I believe you will never relapse, if you follow the aforementioned strategy. I have mulled over it, that is to say, it’s the gist my ten years PMO addiction.

Never ever watch even a slight degree of pornographic contents, or stuffs that give you “kick”. Watch a Bollywood movie “Kick”, you will understand what kick actually means.

Stay strong!

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@Baseer Thanks for your tips :blush::+1:. But the problem is that you cannot completely isolate yourself from sexual content. These triggers are everywhere, like a sexy condom ad on tv, bed scenes in certain movies, sometimes in magazines etc.


You can do it better. I do not watch TV, movies and I do not read mundane magazines. At least this much can be avoided extremely easily. Why did you use such cheap examples? :joy:

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Dude you have mentioned really good points, just a small request, kindly censor some of the explicit words in there, with abbreviation. Try to understand. Thanks

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