A problem occurred

After 90 days I started getting too much precum from Boners, either talking with a girl I will date or from my body itself… Is this natural? I don’t do nothing, I don’t even look at my penis but this is getting annoying… It’s like I masturbated… I didn’t even touched it, it’s just precum that’s all…


Face it bro…
I know it’s annoying . I had same thing for regular 10 days . I got so annoyed but still managed to not mast… And now it’s gone


Focus on exercise and proper diet.don think about that…

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I can’t exercise… Yesterday I saw that I have inguinal hernia. I will have to look at it… But I’m afraid that I will lose the semen retention and the benefits… Does my mind gets desensitized by a lot of erections and precum?

Does my mind desensitized by pre cum and erections? I don’t want to go backwards…

No bro .you don’t go backwards.but you will be frustrated, angry most of time.
It will go away soon.:+1::+1:


No bro I don’t think so. Desensitisation happens only if you indulge in supranormal stimuli. You Don’t. You are not indulging in any simulas for that matter. And precum has only minute amounts of sperm. It’s not exactly semen. Your body may have hit the limits of semen it can retain and could be throwing it out. Again, no one can diagnose you from here. If it is super inconvenient for you and bugs you too much, seek professional medical advice.

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What do you mean supranormal stimuli my friend?

It’s just from the constant ercetions I have from nofap and talking to this girl…

Erections* I’m healing but at the same time I’m talking to a girl and I have too much erections… I don’t do anything

It’s not that I don’t like it… I just don’t want to himder my power on my erections or something like that

Supranormal Stimuli is anything that gives us an over the top unnatural, bigger than normal response to our biological needs and creates constant craving to that, desensitising the brain to normal real life stimuli.
For example you eat all sorts of tasty junk food all the time and your brain will lose interest in normal food (desensitised). It’s called supranormal because it isn’t normal. It is artificially created, synthetic, and in no way available in nature.
You seeing a hot girl IRL is a normal stimulus your brain should have a rad ass response to. It is normal to respond to such stimulus and desensitisation does not occur. We are bioengineered, evolved to respond to hot potential mates around us, that is normal stimulus for the human brain. dIf you fap to hardcore porn, that is the super stimulus. It is not normal, or natural, or happens in real life. So, you can easily get desensitised. I don’t think this applies to you bro.


Yes sir I agree with the utmost respect!

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The name of your case is “Ejecting Madzi” This is not sperm, “Madzi” can out from your penis ia caused by imagining sex or something like that. So, you have to avoid thinking about sex or something like that.

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  • is caused, i’m sorry my English is Messy.
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