A New Start for my Journey

Hello there. A new 19 y.o member here. You can call me Guy.

I’ve been struggling with this addiction since I was on 9th grade, and I’ve been trying to quit ever since.

My real attempt started last year, on 2020, but I guess since Covid started, which means I have more time at home, it kinda became an obstacle. I still relapsed often.

Now, on 2021, I’ve becoming more determined. I’m planning to be really serious about my journey, because if I don’t, it will potentially destroy my future since the exam to go to college will start in less than a month. And it’ll need a sharp mind and a hint of miracle to be able to pass with such a limited amount of time to prepare.

Nonetheless, I’ll try my best. And doing NoFap is one of the fundamental process that I need.

Best of luck for all of us NoFap warriors. May complete sobriety become ours soon.


Great to see you on your journey to success. Realize that stressful times will come your way, but don’t let that change you from doing well. God is faithful and loves you. He wants you to succeed, but sometimes success can be different than what we imagine. Don’t don’t afraid of failure. From failure, we know what success really is.
Best regards.


HaPpy that joined and you start …
Because starting something means change and lot of try to adapt to the situation you drew …

Welcome … and be sure anyone here will connect anytime you need .


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