A new experience

I relapsed yesterday January 14th.

I relapsed today January 15th.

Instead of my usual sadness and tiredness,

I am feeling lots of energy right now because I relapsed. Any ideas as to why?

This is opposite of what normally goes on.

How long was your streak in days before you relapsed?

When I relapsed yesterday it was 4 days and 1 hour.

Then today it was 1 day 6 hours.

Although you claim that you are feeling great, do you think that it was worth it relapsing?

Or can you see that PMO will not lead you anywhere?

No relapse is ever worth it.

PMO is something to avoid.

I know this.

But the only point I wanted to make is that I’m a lot different from others.

For example, I usually felt bad afterwards. But this one time, I felt the opposite of sadness. I felt clarity in my head and energetic 2 hours after my relapse today.

However in the first 2 hours I was extremely tired. But afterwards, my energy rose really high.

I wanted to shared this experience because it was EXTREMELY DIFFERENT.

I think you have this energy boost for like 2 days and then you will start to feel the effects 3rd day or 4th

I will update here and let you know what results

Have you ever count how many times did you brush your teeth?
Have you ever count how many times did you bath?

No? So why are you counting days in Nofap journey?

What happens when you achieved successfully some days?
Suppose my target is 30 days of Nofap or No PMO and when i will achieve 30 days - my mind will influence me that now you have achieved 30 days and nothing left to do more - now relapse.

Mind become heavy in thoughts and we Relapse again.

We should not count days or we should not set goal for No PMO instead we should make a habit.

Do you every set a goal to 30 days of cleaning teeth? What would you do after 30 days of achieving it? You will clean your teeth after 30 and continue to it.

So don’t set goal for 7 days, 30 days 90 days & 365 days instead make a habit.

I am sure you get the point

If you have any question then you can directly message me.
insta- hitmo.in

All that energy I had is now gone. I had it for 3 days.

I relapsed again today as I has a stressful day yesterday

Could not figure out how to do my job. I was too hard. And employee from another store had to help me.

Then state farm sent a letter threatening to remove all car insurance and prevent other companies from offering insurance and in a state where it is mandatory and I need my car for my job.

I hate my life.

You need to find something to fight for, some real motivation that’ll light a fire under your butt! :fire: What’s something that’s important to you? Religion? Your future self? Your family? A future spouse?

I want my family. I want a wife or girlfriend. I want children.

I am a Christian. I believe in God and Christ and the afterlife.

My future self is my present lonely self just older with more time past failing.


  1. I want to be a store manager.

  2. To not end up lonely.

  3. To have freedom to not have to report to my Dad all the time.

But how can I get a woman when all I meet claim to have boyfriends?

If God put it on your heart to get married then there’s got to be someone out there.
You can make that future happen. It’s yours for the taking! You just have to fight for it, build it, and never give up.
Have you tried telling your dad what you want? He may be willing to help you if you’re open with him.


My Dad knows that I want a woman to call my own.

He has told me that he can’t help. That my knowledge and skill to get a woman should be engraved into my DNA. IT IS NOT.

So no, he can’t help.

Also, when I was 10, a “prophet” told my Mom that I would become a Man of God and that my parents and I would have our family increase from 3 which is me and my parents to 6.

The 6 has to indicate a wife and 2 children to me.

Plus when I was 14, I had a dream, I never forgot. In the dream, there was a knock at the door. I opened it to see 2 beautiful blondes standing before me.

They were 16 and 13 in age both hot girls and the 13 year old said, HI Daddy.

My assumption from then on is that these 2 girls would be my future children.

It’s quite possible.

Well, you can’t really control when you get a girl, but you can prepare for it.
How about for right now you try reaching your goals as a store manager and having some more freedom over your life?

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Sounds good. The store manager goal is something that takes years.

I am only 1 year into this company.

The freedom part is just as hard because my Dad clings to me emotionally too much.

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