A New Beginning - My start to change

Hello to whomever reads this!
My name is Isaac. I am 19. I joined the rewire community recently, and must say it’s very inspiring to see others like myself facing these challenges and wanting change. When I searched online, the majority of websites I’ve visited said everything I’m going through is normal. But I never felt it was. Then I found this community that faces struggles that I face.
Unfortunately, these desires we face are not like drugs we can just through away. It’s something that is in us. But it is up to us to know how to use it for good. Today, I’ve been struggling but I’ve made my choice. I want to get better. So I joined this community to seek help and help others. I thank you all for just existing and being strong.
One of the most inspiring messages I saw here recently was just three words.
“I GOT married”
I felt so happy for my fellow brother/sister who faced through this, overcame it, and won. I pray for them and I pray for all of you.
You are all my brothers and sisters. I love you all! :slight_smile:


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