A method I use for the NoFap

I found an Instagram post which describes a method that removes unwanted thoughts from your mind.
Its very beneficial for people like us, whose mind are bombarded with sexual thoughts.

Ironically, I started doing this technique on my own and have even mentioned here in the forum to some people.

I wanted to have a visual explanation of what I do and I found this today, so sharing with you all.

Here’s the link -

I hope this helps!


I am tagging people who I want to share this and also to people who may need this.

If any of you like this technique do tag the people who may need it.
I have gone 100+ days and a big part goes to this method

Tagging people now -
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Thanks a lot bro :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: @the_resilient_one


I use one trick which I would like to share
It may be funny tho :joy::joy:

Whenever I feel like shaking it or watching it I use the popular phrase(probably recognised by all)- SAVDHAAN RAHE SATARK RAHE

agar usko pakdunga hi nahi to kya koi aur ake mere liye hilake jayega kya :rofl::rofl:


Oo bhai Anup Soni le aawaj mai bolte ho kya :joy:

Desh badloge tum bhai…ek no…:joy: :joy:


Main kyun Anoop soni ke awaaz main mann ke andar bol raha tha :rofl:

I read this and realized I am kind of doing the same thing when I am meditating and thoughts appear in my mind.
Instead of slaying them I just imagine myself standing in my brain and pushing my thoughts away, sometimes at superhuman speed when there are a lot of thoughts :joy:, have been doing this for past few days now.
Thanks for sharing btw.


:joy::rofl: ham peda hi huye the desh ko badalne ke liye :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I do not understand Jack Samurai’s technique you can explain my English Thanks???


I think you need an explanation…

Its simple…

Step 1 - Make a good sword in your mind. It should swing very fast.

Step 2 - Whenever any sexual thoughts come in your mind, take that sword and imagine slicing that image that you are thinking into tiny pieces…

Continue slicing it until you can no longer think of that thought. Slicing must be very fast but not aggressive.
Don’t be angry at the thought. Be calm while doing it.

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thank you very much you are a man with a big and good heart

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Yeah I’m following him. Thanks though.

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We are all in this journey together…Happy to help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I got rid of a lot of addiction to all the alcohol and smoking. but the nofap part is hard because the mind in time puts traps