A message of hope, do not give up

Sometimes, and it will happen, you’ll feel like you’ve lost direction.

In those moments, you need to realize that you’re either getting impatient or not putting enough efforts in.

The thing is, we all know exactly what we want, but it’s of paramount importance not to lose sight of it.

Routine and repetitive actions might feel boring but you only see their positive impact on the long run. Meaning if you give up, you won’t sense any change and will probably feel like you wasted your energy and time for nothing.

Even if you’re doing it wrong, you’d rather get the negative results and learn from it than never seeing any result and not even knowing what was going wrong.

Don’t forget why you started just because you faced a few setbacks. It’s a lame excuse.

Whenever you start something, go through it until the end.

Don’t half-ass anything.



It’s actually important in every aspects of our life. Not just this journey. But through the whole life long journey of our well being and good. And the writing are so important for a person to read nad understand it.

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This reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Parks and Recreation by Ron Swanson.

Never half ass two things, whole ass one thing.

The perspective is a little different than the above post but it’s nice, Almost always worked for me.

And I just realized that I need to follow the same thing in my life at this moment.

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Thank you. This is nice

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Beautiful scenery :star_struck: Where is this place

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Picture taken at random.

You are right.
How are you doing?.