A decrease in energy in day 8

Today the 8th day… I’ve felt a decrease in energy and motivation while exercising in the gym… the number of reps decreased even I didn’t complete my workout… Is there any explaination?

Woah. I felt the same. From day 6-9

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Be Patient. Dont except everyday to be better than yesterday. Just stay positive.


This is normal case right?

are you awarding yourself for what you already reached or are you only focusing on pushing forward?

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Actually just pushing forward … I’ve no idea about how to award myself … Maybe rest day or…?

This state will remain for 4 days ?!

the thing is that the same can happen as when you are training daily. your brain can get tired of it.
i don’t mean that you should lover your defence against porn. but give your self some time to relax. look back at what you overcame the last few days. feel proud about how strong you are.

the problem is, if you relax too much relapsing will get more likely but if you push yourself everyday as hard as you can you will feel weaker and weaker and eventually fall too. the goal is to find a good way in the middle


So resting is essential in this case … thx a lot.

Everyone is wrong here.
You are going through a flat line brother. Its like a plateau. Pretty much your going to be sad, not feel like your the alpha for a bit, & not as strong as you were. But brother, this is the hardest thing to get through in no fap. But it will make you grow.

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