A Countdown to freedom

60 Days to Go
Day 0
I relapsed again this morning after many times of trying to cut it. I plan to switch to a basic smartphone later this week when I start my new job. Have taken so many radical step, yet keep failing :slightly_frowning_face:. But I will beat this!


60 days is no easy feat and is quite the achievement, so great effort so far!

I remember relapsing at 60 days and deciding to keep going like you are now. Just keep up the good work and keep pushing :muscle:

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Hey @Misha4Blues, congratulations to day 0! You have the right motivation to get where you want to be. Keep on going!


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59 Days to go
Day 1
The urges weren’t too terrible yesterday and I began to work out. Just need to remind myself to start with small goals for the day so I can be productive and free of PMO. :slightly_smiling_face:

58 Days to go
Day 2
I did relapse a couple of days ago. So after the relapse I got an app that turns my phone into a basic phone and I checked, there is no way of turning it off when you turn it on(it has a timer and scheduling feature). Been using it whenever I am at home and it has been a huge help so far of forcing me to build better habits in the boredem then look at my triggers or worse, P itself. Yesterday, I had a horrible urge so I got up and walked around outside until it went away. That is a habit I need to keep building. Can’t wait for the rewiring process to finish in 90+ days! Gotta keep climbing the mountain to freedom!