A big problem with nofap

Hello guys! So I have a serious problem with nofap… This problem is the only thing that makes me want to stop nofap… And this is the quick ejaculation… When I do nofap, my penis and mind is sensitive and i ejaculate too fast in any sexual intercourse I have… How can I stop this from happening, I cannot last…


Hello @niklaus

Maybe ask yourself, how long would you have to last for you to be satisfied? Assuming you are straight, how long would you have to last to make her feel satisfied? What exactly is it, that you get more of during intercourse, if you “last longer”?

Think about this: “having sex” can mean lots of things but there are two major components to it. One part is the procreative and the other part is affectionate. The affectionate part is not bound to the procreative one. Keep in mind that throughout your PMO sessions, you have told your brain that the sex in PMO is “great” and a “good experience”, when in reality it’s non-realistic bullshit with degrading and dehumanizing aspects only. There’s no real affection in porn, that’s why porn is only about “lasting” as long as possible.

Take care.


Hiho Brother if you do easymode i advise having „more“ regular intercorse, it helps with the sensitive part and make you last longer after awhile.
Best of luck

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@Bashi Great answer. It’s insane to think about how much porn has desensitized this world.


You are right about your opinion on porn. But I have to last long enough to make my girl satisfied too,not only me… 1 minute is nothing my brother… This is how early I ejaculate on nofap… Its crazy… I don’t care how much I’ll last on pmo because I cut it completely… If I have sex, my real ejaculation time. Comes after the third time(if I have a big streak).

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