953 days - create the reality you desire

How I have created my reality of freedom from porn and masturbation.

Defeating PMO is 100% in the mind and brain. How you think of yourself, how you see and believe yourself to be is who you will become. If you think you weak you will become weak, if you think you struggle with nofap and porn then you will struggle. If you think you are a masturbater and a porn watcher then that is who you are.

Changing your thought patterns and how you think of yourself is the key to being victorious.

Your thoughts of yourself should be I am not a masturbater, I never masturbate, I gain nothing from masturbation. I do not watch porn, I am strong, I do not struggle, nofap is easy. I am no longer the person I was.

All great men and women who achieved greatness in history did so by seeing and thinking of themselves not as who they currently are but seeing and thinking of themselves as the person they desired to become.

If you keep telling yourself that you are strong, that you never masturbate or watch porn etc you will in time begin to believe this and your belief in who you are will create you to be the person you truly want to be. If you want to be successful believe that you are successful, tell yourself that you are successful.

This is how I created my life free from masturbation and porn. I apply this technique to all areas of my life and I am the man I desire to be.

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That’s true , along with hard work right mindset plays important role for victory … And PMO just does opposite of this , reduces efforts and lead to self doubt …

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Dude I have a question, do you have a wife or a girlfriend to have sex with?? The 953 days mark you have counts no PMO and no sex too? Or just not doing PMO?


He is a virgin … u can see in his profile .

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@PMOAvenger - I am single, I have no girlfriend or boyfriend, never married, never had sex, never kissed. I am free from this addiction of PMO. I no longer have any urges or temptation to masturbate or watch porn.

I made the choice to live free from sex and to be a virgin to my death.


First of all, you are a legend sir :fire:

You are such an inspiration to us all. :blush:Thankyou for sharing your experience with us and interacting with us.

Every decision has a background reason. This is a very big decision. Some would even say a crazy one. ( i dont think it’s crazy)

Can i ask why did you make this decision to remain a virgin till death?. NoPMO till death is a decision we all make but not noSex.

I would thank you again for sharing your valueable wisdom and experience with us. I have huge respect for you sir. :blush:


@NeverGiveup420 The reason I choose a sex free life and a life free from romantic relationships is because those thing require a lot of time, effort and energy, I would rather spend that time, effort and energy on self improvement and enlightenment. I do not get lonely and I actually enjoy being alone, though I have 2 dogs for companions. I also have friends when I choose to socialise. I am free to pursue the learnings and teachings that I desire without having to compromise with a partner or family. I use my unspent sexual energy to fuel my self development, unspent sexual energy creates motivation to reach beyond normal levels of attainment and there are no distraction from partners, or family responsibilities.

I also enjoy my life being single and carefree. I feel no pressure to conform to what society would call normal.

Sex is also potentially addictive as we would all know.

Freedom from sex and relationships in my opinion sets the mind free to seek greater self improvement, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.


Thank you so much for sharing with us. You don’t know how useful your experience is for me and congratulations man!


@Luis94 I am happy to help in any way I can.

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Reading your reply makes me wanna choose sex free life too :joy:. The freedom that one gets in this lifestyle surely benefits the one who wants to grow and self improve.
Thanks for giving your valuable time to reply.


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