935 days of purity till in the path

Definitely nofap celibacy is Giving me good health ,strong motivation willpower,
Mental strength,
But some time i also stumble because physical level of nofap is easy if you any way go that long there is no extra effort needed , definiely initial one has to put rigorous, huge effort but after some months it becomes normal,
For long game mental purity and purity also in thought , work and deed is essential Otherwise one gonna fap badly sooner or later,
Its my personal experience i feel eternal pleasure over come stress very faster due to knowledge and strength i have gain over a period of time staying in celibacy.
But whenever i lose mental purity due to negligence and lazyness or less conscious, i suffer ,
There will be always a chance that one gonna fap but i handel myself everytime.
But i felt i lose something i don’t how describe but i lose.

Hence mental purity and mental abstinence is mandatory for long run, for great success


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