90 Days Challenge! CHALLENGE ENDED!

Hello you wonderful people! Welcome to yet another one of my challenges!! I know I haven’t been completely on top of my challenges before, and I keep leaving the forum, but I promise I’ll stick with this one as much as I can! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!!

We can do this if we work together!! Hold eachother accountable! Just saying I’m not letting any of my friends fall (slip, but not fall) anymore. And I hope you’ll do the same for me.

I know that the majority of the people on this forum aren’t at 90 days or have ever hit 90 days. So it’s time we change that! It’s time we finally win this terrible addiction over! It’s time to fight our urges to the death. We won’t give in no matter what!!! We are strong people! I promise, we just have to unleash our inner warrior.

Here’s da rulz:

  • This is a hard-mode challenge so no edging, and no peeking (relapsing doesn’t mean you’re out you have unlimited lives)
  • Other than that none, make it to 90 days :slight_smile:

Extra information:

  • I need your sharing code (fv39jh is mine) so I can follow your progress and I advise that when someone offers their sharing code everyone follow them, we’re helping everyone here not just one person.

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  • I will personally message you every few days!
  • I may create 2 small private messaging groups(One that’s not related to NoFap just to get together and talk, and one about NoFap if you would like to confess something to your fellow challenge group members or if you have some advice), but I dunno how many people you can add into those. Let me know if you’re interested in that
  • Give me your Highest streak and your current streak when you join so I can put it on the leaderboard (there’s no shame in a low streak dw)
  • I will be following 1 phase of 90 days, for example: in the title it will say something like day 8/90. Don’t worry! This does NOT mean you’re out of the challenge. This just means if anyone in the challenge group makes it on their first go they’ll get a special thanks and will definitely be made known!
  • I will hold a few seperate challenges other than NoFap like an art challenge or something that is Not mandatory, but I’d appreciate it if you would participate :slight_smile:
  • Seriously feel free to DM me if you have any questions or if you need anything
  • The challenge starts when I feel we have enough willing group members to actually go through with this. I’d hope that would be by the end of the month. Basically I’m just saying if you join you’re serious and ready to do this!!
  • You can join at any streak even if it’s over 90 and you wanna go another round!

That’s all for now. I might add some more later, but that’s it! LET’S DO THIS



Participant Current Streak Highest(Or Previous) Streak
ChristianMan 0 25
LonelyTraveler 61 37
Vortexkicker 2 4
DarkViolin 4 96
Bran77 35 0
Probably2 0 13
DoomofDrew12 37 21
Rohitash 1 49
Slavery 05 05
Saitama1 7

Extra Challenges!

3rd week in January Challenge:
Make someone’s day!

  • Make someone feel good about themselves! Maybe with a compliment, a note, or give them a small gift! Invite someone to the movies if you’re feeling strong!!
  • Do this somewhere during the 3rd week in January. January 14th - 21st


At the end of the day nothing of the flesh will fulfill your desires. You must lay your treasures in Heaven

This is a wiki post so I’d love for you to share some motivation here to your brothers and sisters!!

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Sharing Codes!

This is everyone who is/was in the challenge’s sharing code. I encourage that you follow all these people so we can help eachother out! I’m not sure if everyone’s is active, like I think some people aren’t counting days, but most of them are. UPDATE: I’M NOT UPDATING THIS ANYMORE!!! THERE WERE SO MANY SHARING CODES AND IT’S WAY TOO HARD TO KEEP UP!!! Feel free to fill it in yourself though!

Participant Sharing Code
ChristianMan fv39jh
CarryOn s8f1jx
LonelyTraveler 31cbwi
Vortexkicker vqe481
DarkViolin bemwc4
TheBigSP 7gdf2f
prothekter_aden d10mfl
Bran77 2ksp7k
DiTouZu 3yeek0
Akarshit16 3cdv1m
Agantuk kfu5o6
AoG7576 jrlg8x
yashnofap01 o4889f
Rab_J f8e4fe
nomoreagain nh2u7p
Kuba521 rj41ie
vedantshah005 icnkli
GradatimFerocitor zcrnxy
Purity11 k278xx
lepanga fpru8e
slave_of_allah l6ankk
Saitama1 t3n04x
Slavery w4zn75

I’d like to start by inviting a few people as I usually do. Don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings by saying no. @Rab_J @Vortexkicker @LonelyTraveler @AoG7576 @prothekter_aden @Samaranjay @DarkViolin @Forerunner @vickyx @CarryOn


And a few more! @Kuba521 @erenyaeger @slave_of_allah @Ash_Matt @piyushchandak @yashnofap01 @TheBigSP @vedantshah005 @slavery @tamgilchrist


@CarryOn you interested?

Sure thing, I been holding my 2022 resolution so far.

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@LonelyTraveler What’s your highest streak? And your sharing code, not for me, but because I want this whole group to support eachother

On this app: 37 Days


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Thanks man! Glad you joined!

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I accept the invitation.

I am happy to join.

Current Streak is 2 days.

Highest streak is 4 days.

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Hello there! Thanks for the invite! I’m in!
I’m going to 90 anyway so this will be great.
My code is there when you press on my icon
My highest recorded streak is 50
My current streak is 39

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@DarkViolin That’s awesome! It’s go time!

Im new here, how can i be part of your challenge?

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I’m In
SC : 7gdf2f
CS : 10 Days
HS : 38 Days

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Absolutely!!! I’d love for you to join!
What’s your current and highest streak? Do you need me to guide you to your sharing code?

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You’re in! Glad to have you here!

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I’m in.
Highest streak 37days
CS 1day

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