86 Days..You too can-- Lift yourselves up!

I am on Day 86 today :blush:. What about you?
I can answer any specific Questions if you peple have… So please fell free to ask Questions…


How do you feel now?

On my 10th day with a max streak of 35…
Is this your longest streak? And, what, if anything, did you do differently from previous streaks?

Absolutely great AnkitK​:ok_hand:. Because I have never imagined I could do this after repeated failures…to the point that i thought 30 days was impossible. But it’s history now. :innocent:


Yes Heraclius, this is my best streak going on. Previous best was 26 days. It’s so surreal for me now as I look back and see. Just for a moments pleasure we give away our streaks and reduce it zero… How silly… :roll_eyes:
Now the difference being, I started a Super Sunday challenge in NoFap.com where we are accountable and report every Sunday in that group. Hope you too will join that group. We add +7 to our streaks every Sunday by staying commited and accountable. :blush:. There are many people in that group who have built big streaks. :+1:

I am here to answer all your queries. Because I know how depressing it feels to be at the base of a peak. Naturally one would like to know the Secret of success and Conquer himself :blush:. This is true happiness :+1:

Thanks for answering. I have one more question.
How to reduce frequency of wet dreams and gradually stop them?

Ankit, like your eagerness to know the truth.
The answer is - Wet dreams are subconciuos thoughts usually triggered by our lustful thoughts during the day. If you are pure in thoughts in day time, they subside by themselves.
Another triger is the food your eating. If you eat home cooked food (satvic) and have dinner by 7pm before you sleep… Your won’t have wet dreams altogether.
Looking forward for some more queries :blush:

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I’m at day 86 as well.

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Each day - Motivation,Tips,Doubt clearance on obstacles on the path of NOFAP journey will be discussed & Every Sunday we post our streaks for accoutabilty and celebrate it. :+1: :blush:

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