7 days challenge (21 soldiers max)

Sharing code - e5956c *

Current steak - 0 days *
Highest steak - 8 days *
Age - top secret
Gender - M
Location - US
Okay mfs. it’s time to change. let’s destroy this porn bullshit addiction


  1. Don’t fucking edge.
  2. Don’t search and watch porn stuff (videos-pictures)
    If you break these rules you lose!! Period.

    Let’s fucking GO!!!

In rule 2 do u mean nude stuff?.. Bcas sexy stuff is everywhere on TV, papers, ads etc etc.

If you search sexy stuff (like porn) intentionally you automatically lose!!!

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OK I ll take part in ur challange

First recruit here @anon43098954 !!! Still 20 more soldiers!!!

I’ll join. Code 08d24e. Days 0.

e55a53 I would also like to join

I am in mf.
My code is 971ff5.

34c2db let’s do it mates.

Count me in too
Code is eedfa0
Day 1

6 new soldiers joined!!! @parasitica @serenityboost @anon66785751 @gojirra @leonida and @karthikgupta785. The ship can carry 14 more soldiers. Move your ass!!!


You’re serious right now??? You don’t know FULL METAL JACKET???

Im in
Code : 6e2677
Day 0

A new soldier @cloudstrike arrives!!! We have still 13 more free places!!!

Count me in 8ae8c6 let’s make a streak together

A new recruit @vikasg.gupta2010 joins!!! We have still 12 free places!!! MOVE YOUR CANDY ASS!!! soldier-60707_640


Count me in too. My code is 34bd87

A new soldier @Shanjanjo joins!!! Still 11 free places left!!! COME ON!!! WAR IS COMING!!!

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It’s time to free myself from this addiction

Count me bro
My code : 44aa48
Day : 0

bffb94 day 3

Add me too