7 day no fap challenge

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Why I want a companion - for a support :smiling_face:


Our goals need to specific, right? So,
Starting time
10 july
5.24 pm Wednesday
Target to cross
17 July
5.24 pm
Inshallah :palms_up_together:t2:


(12 July) implementing activities
1.No social media (except what’s up)
2.5 vakth niskaram (prayer)
3.morning meditation

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CS - 6 days
Gender - M
Location - India
Age -16
Profession - student
I am with you let’s do it :boxing_glove: and defeat our addiction together brother.

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Sure my friend :handshake:t2:
My sharing code-cvawzm

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I want to join you bro
Share code : v9s9b1


@bigdreamer99 @shajahanjnr let’s defeat this filthy addiction together :boxing_glove: brothers :heart: .

I will share my progress here with you guys it’s not going to be a just normal Nofap challenge it’s a self improvement challenge.

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2 days completed :slightly_smiling_face:. Really happy to have you two with my journey brothers.

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