6 Apps for Productivity


Hello fellas
Here are 6 good apps designed to help your production, tracking and progress:

ReadEra - e book reader, good and simple, epub, mobi, pdf…

Habitbull - tracking of habits, simple and understandable, you can see your progress in counted days

Brain focus - Great pomodoro technique. Minimalistic and serve its purpose. It will help you to focus and rest when you are in the middle of studying…

Timetune - make your day a routine. This app will take care of that. It will remind you to stick to the plan and help you to navigate in your day.

Wallet - great for your money tracking. If you established a budget for yourself or you are saving, this will make it much easier and analytical.

Arm workout (abs, legs…) 30 min - great workout app, only bodyweight.

Alright, hope it helps
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Edits- wallet is a great app to dealing with spam messages, it’ll not give any news notification of spam message received, if a person don’t like to see a lot of promotional messages then wallet is for you. And it analyzes your money spent nicely.


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This is a very helpful post, thanks for sharing. Have you tried these apps yourself?

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I do use them on everyday basis. They are really helpful. Hope it will help you too.

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Cool, thanks for answering!