500 achievement badge

What does the number mean/stand for?

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@Taher , yeah I also have some doubts. Why are the spacings uneven between badges.

What do you mean by spacings here?
@Taher I also want to say something. A fapstronaut reported that he got High Emperor badge more than two times. Please introduce some more badges.

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Like for my case, there is one batch at 75 days, then 85, then 90…where the 85 seems unnecessary. Aftr 90, directly 120. Hope you get the drift.

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What I mean is the 2131820869!

That is okay. After so many days, we do not need new badges so early. I am on day 104.

There are tons of new badges ready, I’ve yet to integrate them


What is your device’s language?

@Taher I sent you personally message . Please solve my problem as soon as possible .


Adding characters to reach minimum to post.