5 weeks of nofap HARD MODE + gym

I have an energy.
Like a lot of it.
But I control it better. I know how to spend it in order to grow. I work on my dreams. Sometims I cry because it’s getting too hard, but I’m going through it smoothly. I know it needs an effort.
I don’t have urges because I’m busy. Buth my body and my mind are free from them.
I love myself and people around. I enjoy fighting.
Some changes:
People, especially children and girls are staring at me. I was at coffeeshop to buy some milkshake. The girls were looking at me in so lovely way. They did not give me the sale cards saying they will remeber me. This is in case I leave home rarely.
Muscules have grown a lot. It’s also due to a lot of gym. It makes body problem disappear.
My family trust problems disappear.
Body changes are obvious, like good dark hair and glowing skin and voice and eye color.
I can play the guitar way better.
And it turn I can draw and create 3d models and films
The quality and quantity of these are growing with every day.
Do the same, you won’t ever regret…


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