5 ways to reclaim your manhood

5 Ways to Reclaim Your Manhood.

  1. Hit the Gym.

This affects other peoples immediate perception of you, your self-esteem, and your capabilities.

Do not underestimate the gym! I run in the morning twice a week. I go to the gym thrice a week.

  1. Dress well.

Lose the jerseys with other dude’s names on them, sandals and crocs.

Stick to timeless pieces that fit well.

Dress the part. Be the person you admire.

Follow stylists on Twitter and YouTube.

  1. Be assertive.

Stand up straight. Look people in the eye. Speak confidently and slowly. Make your words meaningful and people will listen.

  1. Choose your friends wisely.

Get rid of toxic losers who obsess over drinking and drugs. They’re holding you back.

Find friends who share positive hobbies with you such as biking or a sport.

Find people who have drive.

  1. Turn off the video games.

You say you have no time to get in shape, or cook a good meal, but you engrossed in dumb video games in a virtual world.

Join the real world and level up your life.

It will mean more in the long run and ultimately be more fulfilling.