5 Days into this

So I’m currently 5 days in and after telling my wife about everything I decided to finally give up this habit. Well since I stopped my sex drive has been completely dead. Like last night I had trouble to even do it once, but she wanted to go again and despite wanting to I couldn’t get it up at all. Now she’s obviously very upset and she was already upset when I told her initially about how often and about the addiction. Im not sure my marriage will survive this. Has anyone else gone through something similar I just don’t know what to do or how to fix it. Its like once I fully decided to invest in this my sex drive went to from 100 all the way down to 0. Please help


Hey brother, iam not married and I have whatsoever literally no experience in this, I hope someone who has experienced gives you tips on what to do.

But I will tell you this, remember that telling your wife was not easy,

one perecent of people have the courage to actually let the people most closest to them know,

because we are afraid what will be our image in front of them after telling them the truth,

Now that you have taken that bold step, ensure her that you are not some jerk who is addicted to porn and your wife can satisfy you and you would like to only see her beauty, and love her the way she is.

Also remember that this situation won’t heal overnight, so bear with problems that may come and let her know that you will try your best to overcome this situation in no time, you need to show the effort.

You can take the courage and confidence boost which your wife gives you, provided how you deal with this.

Good luck bro…

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Communication is key. It will take time for your brain to reset. Before this you were riding on massive doses of dopamine from PMO. I think it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to feel normal and that span of time is rough.

The last time I tried to quit this habit was like that.

Hopefully she understands how it’s a mental, physical, and spiritual change going on. There is going to be some discombulation until things get back to normal.

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