Current streak - 3 days and 21 hours
Highest streak - 60 days
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - algeria
My sharing code - kceq4h
We can do it !

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Current Streak - 21
Highest Streak - 64
Age 37
Gender - Man
Location - US

Sharing code. dai216

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Ok I’ll add you myself, your current streak is Day 2 right?

@Kloof513 and @newnawfel guys you can add yourself in the above edit post (2nd post), add your current streak And kindly try to update it regularly :blush:

I guess you didn’t read the first post clearly,
It States that anybody with any streak can enter and they will be given the medal after 45 days starting from their current streak, so, you will win if you’re on day 99 with 20 hours gone :slightly_smiling_face:

Current streak is 22

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Its day 3 as of today

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Sharing code - 394ddcd

Current streak - 7 days
Highest streak - 30 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - Dominican República

I really want to be the happy young sweetheart curious emphatic and sensitive boy I used to be, I started the whole fap thing because of rejection and loneliness (that’s pretty common when you are introvert) but anyway if I manage to last a month I can last 45 days in a blink of an eye, now I know I’m not alone in this fight, it feels good to actually fight for something and the fact that something is not controlled by other person than me.


Im also from algeria
Here’s my code 1b3452


Hey @Mick92 you can add yourself above to the above edit created (post no 2)

Okay, so you can edit it?? That’s great :blush:

How is everyone doing?

Doing alright from a NoFap perspective. Otherwise have had a string of emotionally challenging days.
And how have you been?


Doing better but experimenting change of humor but feeling like I can became a warrior (Jojo 1 style).


My crush (first one I talked to) has been giving me nightmares so yesterday my day was terrible (I was thinking of relapse and didn’t) but today is going great

Awesome!! Keep the fight up brother :slightly_smiling_face:

25lt6h i am in bro add me too.

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Tell me your Streak (current) please

Day 10
And I had to literally be out of my room, I received I highly amount of stress in class and that get me hipersensible.
Still fighting as the noble warrior that I am.


25lt6h please add me.my current streak is 3 days

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