40 days: Benefits & Troubles so far for the Broken Man

Today is my 40th day mark and I wanted to make a post to maybe motivate somebody who was going through a hard time like me. I’ll try to make it short and sweet.

| Week 1-2 | (day 0-14)
Boost in energy to tackle this addiction
They say testosterone peaks here. I do not agree

Urges may hit you hard at this time
You may not feel anxious but it’s because you’re numb after relapsing
Your self esteem may be low in the first few days after relapsing

| Week 3-4 | (day 15-30)
Confidence starts increasing
Anxiety lessens
Motivation and drive shoot through the roof
Testosterone increases
Voice deepens
Numbess starts fading
Feel emotions much deeper
Better cognitive ability
Better memory
Intrusive thoughts lessen
Self-esteem gets better
Your courage to take on challenging things increases

You may feel depressed during this time because your body is craving and changing
You may also feel intense urges here, keep pushing!
You may feel aggression or anti social behaviour, this is because you did not get your fix for awhile

| Week 5-current | (day 31-40)
Confidence keeps going up
Anxiety keeps lessening
Drive & motivation still strong
Becoming true self
Realizing who you really are
Discipline increases
Life gets easier
Testosterone (manliness) stays high
Hair looks fuller, not as thin
Overall vitality is better, better skin, fuller beard, richer hair color
Emotions are still felt deep
Same benefits (better memory better cognitive ability, self esteem is better)
You can feel joy in life now, life is a lot more about the good then the bad

Urges will hit hard, but you may be able to deal with it easier. At this point it is more of a choice to relapse or not and it feels like your mind is more in charge instead of your urges.
This isn’t more of a trouble more then a realization. You realize pmo was merely a coping mechanism. Your life may not be great, but you have what it takes to fix it. This may make you feel a bit low, but enough feeling bad for yourself. You’ve got work to do.

Btw this is not a universal post. We all have different situations im just sharing my situation on how I was a broken man with no will to live into a motivated man with unlimited potential.
Also some days will be better than others. This isn’t a straight upwards path where it just keeps getting better and better everyday. You’re going to feel terrible some days, and you’re going to feel amazing others. Just keep going and overall in the long run things WILL go upwards.


(This is for the very troubled man)
You may have been suicidal at one point. You may have felt like you’ve tried everything. Well I’m telling you this, I’ve come out the other side from practicing this. I used to be in your shoes. I felt so alone, I had huge amounts of anxiety every second of my life. I had deep depression that had me bed ridden. I had no drive for anything, but having abstained I’ve fixed multiple relationships, my anxiety has nearly gone away, my depression is gone, my drive is up x100 what it was. Everything will get better if you do this, don’t give up. If I can do it so can you.


Thanks for the inspiration.


Thank you for sharing brother; it’s uplifting to see how much better life can be on the other side!


@Sahas certainly brother! I hope to see you standing firm and up here soon. May God bless you.

@Forerunner you motivate me brother. Without seeing you fighting idk if I’d of made it up here. May God be with us. God bless you. I just hope someone like me can see this post and really give it their all. It’s totally worth it!