[39m] I had a dream about the end of the world

This morning I had a very shocking but inspiring dream. Even an epiphany. - Context: since I started my no fapping journey (started a month ago, several short streaks, longest 5) I dream a lot for some reason, specially after 3+ days. Do you have the same experience?

In the dream I was sitting with me wife and 3 year old son in a restaurant near a beach. All around families were talking, some also arguing. Us too. These talks and conflicts were about very mundane topics like money spending, children not eating everything on their plate, work and stuff.

Then suddenly the sky was dark and red. The next moment we saw a huge fireball coming down behind the horizon. - In the moment I knew it was a world killer meteor.

What do you think in such a moment? Your world will end, your family will die in the next moments, nothing to inherit, lifetime goals irrelevant, politics don’t matter anymore, nothing is important in that moment… Really nothing?

And that’s the point. There is a single exception - it is the connection that I felt so my family. The connection to my son in special.

We were holding each other, hearing and feeling the shockwave, then we saw the wall of water. Nowhere to hide, running makes no sense… Nothing to say except I love you, only holding each other… The little one started to cry, nothing to do about it, except lying that all will be good.

All you try to do is holding everybody as long as possible, trying to stay together as long as possible, trying to think about the connection you have, the love you gave and shared. Did you connect enough? Did you love enough?

Then the water hit. The force was so strong, I lost the contact to my wife and son immediately. Humans are weak creatures. It was the most horrible feeling in the world, not being able to protect them. The last thoughts before being crushed were about if I gave enough of that love and connection to the others.

Then I woke up and was so glad it was just a dream. And I think the experience changed me. I will value connection to people and in special my son much more from now on. Addictions and even work ambitions will never again weaken those connections, I must find balance in the other life topics and focus on connection and love.

Being too tired to really play with my son in the evening because I fapped to much the last night - no more. Staying in my home office in the evening to fap instead of going to bed with my wife or watch Netflix with her or such, no more.

What do you think is most important in life?

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Awesome dream! You have a big why to motivate you :muscle:

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God and my family. Your story and writing hit a perspective I’ve been pondering about all day. I’m scared to not be able to change and interact with my family on the level they deserve. I’ve obliterated my will power to stop this addiction. But it scares me even more to lose them to ssuch a defiling and disgusting, filthy, stupid garbage like porn. I want you to succeed in your goal. Never look back at the disgusting things. You’re family sounds wonderful. I wish to hold a child of my own one day. Continue your journey. And thank you for sharing


Yes World is at the End …we are living in Book of Revelation Times

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@tushard964 that was not what the text was about…
I do not believe in any ancient text book stories. Yes I believe our children will have it a lot lot harder and eventually some will not survive all what’s happening with climate change, nature pollution and destruction consequences (water, food, land, energy, wars, refugees) and also with the neo-liberal world order (poor-rich gap, modern slavery, no social savety nets, justice only for those with money) and religious-conservative nationalism and racism on the rise (anti fact and science mentality, debating culture is destroyed, no more compromises, all black+white world views, human rights are ignored more and more). All of this does not end the world though, except for (too many) individuals - And even if we somehow manage to kill the last human on earth, the “world” will go on. Even after a meteor impact. Just without humans. So let’s stay positive and get the best world we can get for our children, despite the dark looking future! =)