365 day challenge

Hello my fellow warriors we all are here to start a journey some of us are way ahead and some of us would join soon just remember this is not a race with others its a race with yourself.
I really dont know whats in for us in future but it brings us hope.
So join me here or on telegram we sure can help each other in this one.
Greatness is coming for all of us.
Let’s show them who’s the boss here. Lets fight for glory within us.
Har har mahadev

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I’ll post here daily and update my streak and i’ll also account anomalies and moment of relapse and what i felt (if that happens) so that we all can learn.


Hi warriors, its my 2nd day today and woke up at 6:30 i started this with study for 1 hour and i’ll make this a routine further i’m planning to continue this with daily exercise(30 min) meditation, cold shower, and reading 4-5 pages of bramhacharya(i have pdf if someone needs you can reply) as i decided this to make a routine i made this pact to myself that i’ll eat breakfast only after doing all this.
So Fight begins
Har har mahadev


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If its difficult its more fun :sunglasses: be a boss


Third day,
I’m regular on exercise, meditation(5 mins only😅), running, cold showers and focused academics and i’m going strong. There’s one thing i want to add in this is my diet which should be satvic in nature. So brothers i found out if you do all these things then you dont have to worry about urges it’ll come obviously but you would find out you can actually control them. This is my tips about teh fight guys just do first 5 things mentioned in morning before breakfast and you’ll find out new you.
Lets fight.
Har har mahadev

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Could u share pdf with me

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