35 days longest streak but will overcome this habit once and for all forever

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Sharing code - 79b786

Current steak - 0 days
Highest steak - 35 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - To have friends along this journey. To compete with each other, share experiences, learn new things from each other etc.
Guys add me! I fapped 7 times during the month of January averaging to 4.4 days. But i will break this habit ONCE n FOR ALL. I will break out of this addiction once and for all just as some of the rare guys have done it. For Good or for Worse i give up looking at porn and i give up masturbating. For heaven’s sake!! God bless me and you guys add me.

Bro join 21 days challenge accountability group …go to nf companion fourm and click accountability group -categries …you will see 21 days challenge life of god’s … waiting of you bro.


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