33 day solution? The EasyPeasy Method!

I’ve been struggling on NoFap for sometime. But I managed to make it this far. With constant trial and error, I know one day with God’s help, I will overcome this addiction.
To start, start small. For the next 33 days I am going to read a chapter from the EasyPeasy book. This book was recommended by a fellow brother named Bashi. And the book, while I have not finished, does tell you exactly what’s wrong. I encourage you to give it a try.
Note - My interpretation of the book can be completely different from yours. While one chapter may help me in one area, the same chapter can be different for you. I encourage YOU to read it yourself.
Here is the book:

Im going to read a chapter each day and put my notes on what I learned and reflected on here.
Would love to hear your thoughts on the book!


Chapter 1 -
While last night was a bit of a blur. I managed to take in some info. One major thing that stands out was fear. Fear really does control us if we are not prepared. I used to feel stress and give in. Other times I edged and out of fear of not knowing what happened next, I gave in.
Fear really does change things.


It’s a great initiative, in a way ur summarizing the book here , it will help others also in nofap .:innocent:


It’s great that you @Yitzchak are reading the book, as you had mentioned.

I just want to highlight for everyone else that while reading summaries of the book that other users write might give you a hint about the book’s content, it’s still very important that you read it yourself. It’s like learning to drive a car: other people can give you indications and explain to you how driving a car works but to really understand it and get it into your head, you have to sit on the driver’s seat yourself. So do yourself a favor and follow Yitzchak’s example, read the book yourself.


When I get time i will definitely read this book offline. Thanks both of you @Yitzchak @Bashi


Chapter 2 -
While last night I couldn’t focus much. I still could relate to what I read. People sometimes intentionally read one line from EasyPeasy to avoid the chance to overcome fap. To be better…
It’s hard to say “how can people be so silly” but I too was like that. Due to excessive fapping I never was able to be confident to speak to a someone I wanted to really know. Yesterday my heart felt so heavy and I was tempted to relapse… but remembered a relapse is what got me here…

  • Why live a life sabotaging your mind and body?
    I wonder that too. It’s so easy to want to get rid of the current situation by forgetting about it by fapping. But after 20 seconds you’re back in that current situation. The only difference is now you delayed your success for longer. Sometimes the feeling of failure is what is needed as a reminder to avoid true defeat…

EP changed my life!
I noticed that all kinds of my problems were related to PMO. Even addiction to shopping.

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Chapter 3 -
Why is PMO so difficult to stop?
We sometimes wonder that, but it’s not our major focus. We focus more are trying to stop without wondering why it’s so hard to stop. As said in the book, we tend to focus on scare tactics such as how it’s neurologically bad for you, it causes issues and any other reason to show you the terrible after effects of PMO. And while true, why is it that we still don’t stop? How hasn’t that cured us?
Well, because it’s much more complicated than that. With society these days saying these things are ‘normal’ it’s quite easy to follow along just because our “friends” do it.
But, if you think that way, then as the book said: “Pray that your friends don’t start cutting off their heads to cure a headache!”
Classic. Funny. And true.
This book makes me think outside the box of what I was focusing on.