32 years old | 19 years of addiction

I’m originally from Brazil, living in Berlin.
My code is: 9pruwj

I’m learning English, learning German, learning meditation, fighting with depression, deficit attention and insomnia and I decided to clean myself from porn and masturbation.

I’m glad to finally found out that IT IS a addiction and exists this amazing community.

I’m married so will no be fair with my wife to not have sex so I will cut masturbation and porn but not semen retention.

I’m in day one and it’s already hard!!!
I really respect you guys!!!

Add me as a companion and let’s make it as a healthy competition to go as far as possible and when someone falls, let’s give our hands and put him/her back to track.



Ok bruh don’t worry we will fight

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My code is j72kiv add me as companion bruh

I’m 34, on day 5. I don’t have a wife, relationship or woman close to me at all for years now. Also 2 decade of addiction here. So in some way different, some way similar to your situation. I also started learning german last year and keep going, but this week our classes were put on hold due to the pandemic getting stronger again. I also started loosing weight with calorie counting, eating healthier and exercising last year. Honestly, learning german and loosing weight together is still easier than fighting urges and get rid of pmo addiction.
If you’d like to have a partner on your way like this, than I’d gladly join you.

My code: 9a70e4


Welcome to the Community!
noFap doesn’t count sex as a relapse, generally. Sex is the right and good way and how we are supposed to utilise sexual energy, there’s nothing wrong in the right sex-it’s beautiful, really.


let’s go …
my sharing code: o004hz

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