32 Tips &Rules of NOFap📵overcome Relapse,Flatline,Edging,& continue Reboot📵Motivation💯

Edging : When you masturb** up to the point of orga** and then stop just before orgasm. It counts as Fapping and is unhelpful, don’t do it.

RULE#1: Total self-sexual abstinence. No pon, no masturba**on, no orgam, no edging, no thinking about edging, no talking about thinking about talking about thinking about edging. Pretend edging isn’t even a thing.

#2: Eliminate or significantly reduce exposure to artificial sexual stimulation. Only exception: if you’re watching a movie or TV show with someone else.

#3.When a sexual thought pops up in your head, do not entertain it, do not ponder on it, do not try to resist it. The more you do, the stronger the urge becomes. Just be calm and simple go for a walk for 10 mins. The crazy urge will soon magically vanish.

#4: Limit Social Media &internet time to one hour

#5- don’t, and I’m fucking serious don’t even take a peek. A peek will be considered a relapse now. No matter what, no peeks. Edging is also a relapse now. That’s it.

#6) If you accidentally encounter something por**graphic and then turn away, you haven’t failed

#7)Don’t try not to think about porn, or worry that you’re thinking about it constantly. Whenever you do think about it, whether today, tomorrow, or the rest of your life, think “YIPPEE! I’M A NON-PMOer!”

#8. Never under-estimate an urge Neither suppress nor act on an urge ; allow it to pass through you and
When you do it over and over again, you Will realize how powerless it actually is anf your self respect Will grow to epic proportions.

#9.There’s no such thing as a confirmed PMOer. You’re just one of the hundreds of millions who’ve fallen for the subtle trap. Like the millions of other ex-PMOers who once thought they couldn’t escape, you’ve escaped

#10. Entertaining a trigger Will never do you any good in life.

#11.Great streaks were once achieved by cold turkey withdrawal.
The most under rated advice is “keep your hands out Of your pants”

Reboot (): The process of allowing your brain and body to restore itself to its ordinary chemical balance by no porn and (to speed it up) no fapping.

#12.The community goal is 90 days of nofap. 90 days is arbitrary. Do it longer or shorter if you need. It’s your rules.

#13.NoFap is as much about giving you the space to make your own decisions and trust your own judgment as it is overcoming PMO. Make your own decisions and practice trusting them.

#14. Nofap is not about sitting in a room and counting the clock up to 90 or however many days. That’s what prison is. Are you in prison? No. Get out there and change your world. Baby steps.

#15. No one has ever died from not PMOing. NoFap teaches you to love discomfort. Learn to love the discomfort as something that will make you grow.

#16.You likely have traumas/underlying core beliefs that feed PMO, e.g. “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t deserve to live,” “I’m guilty/bad/evil.” Address them. Feel them. In feeling them, overcome them.

#17.If you can trust that, deep down, you’re actually a good and beautiful person, nofap becomes easier. If you can’t convince yourself, keep doing things that align with who you want to become and you’ll get there eventually.

#18. Cut the fucking excuses. Your brain will come up with thousands of excuses. Like your girlfriend left you, you had a bad day, your cat died, you killed a kid. THERE. IS. NO. EXCUSE. Either you make the CHOICE to
No fap, or you don’t. And if you make the choice, you STICK to it. Shit, man, can’t you even hold a promise to yourself??

#19) Common hobbies on nofap: Meditation. Running. Learning an instrument. Learning a language. Cold showers (and getting used to discomfort). Reading.Exercise, Push-ups,The list goes on.

#20. Harder,lasting and more frequent morning Erection is a sign of your brain healing in progress.

#21.Find yourself some projects to focus on in your life. You’ll have a lot of time on your hands, and I mean a LOT. You’ll probably get bored, and boredom leads to PMO. Find projects.

#22.For the millionth time wet dreams are not relapse.

Flatline (): A period when your libido has completely shut down, like when a restaurant shuts down because it’s remodeling.

#22) The Flatline lasts as long as it wants.

#23) Never check to see if your libido might work. This is like trying to run the bakery while your contractor’s getting the asbestos out of the ceiling. Do you want asbestos in your croissant? No. Fuck cancer, fuck asbestos, and fuck Fapping during the Flatline.

#24. Flat lines can be very long, learn to be patient.

#25. The emotions might return after few weeks Of no-fap- you Will be irritable, angry and sad and
happy in a single day- Don’t Quit deal with it.

Relapse (): The act of PMOing when you’ve made a commitment not to.

#26) Relapse is not a noun. You’re not a “relapser.” You “relapsed.” It’s in the past. You’re in a new moment.

#27) Always love the moment you’re in. If you can love yourself and your life even in a shitty moment like post-relapse, you’ll soon find yourself in moments of pure joy.

#28) Never get through a relapse without learning something from the relapse.

#29) Laugh. Play. Smile. As much as you can.

#30. As more days pass, No fap becomes easier but never ever
under estimate an harmless Urge.

#31.socialize more.if you are fucking introvert go and socialize enhance your social skills.if you are extroverted go same fuck applies to you

Dopamine is the insulin.

Porn is the sugar

According to YourBrainOnPor*, dopamine desensitivity fucks you up in the following ways:
Fucked libido,More anxiety,Lack of motivation, procrastination, Depression,ED,PE

Gentlemen, the kryptonite is real, and its name is dopamine tolerance.

Many guys restore themselves to a state of confidence and amazingness by removing their kryptonite.

#32. I felt so Good after a Relapse -
“No man ever said that”
you do nofap for your reasons. Always have them in mind. Chose to make those reasons more important than anything in your freaking life!


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Very good Tips! Thanks for sharing


Given the pandemic what should we do for #31? We shouldn’t really be doing that. I guess we can socialize online but it’s not the same tbh, although maybe we could communicate in a way that immitates personal interaction, by using audio or video.


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