[32 M] xtac's 30 Day semen-retention campaign

Entry 1:

So I’ve decided to clarify my goals into 1 simple element. Semen retention. This includes no porn, no masturbation and no sex. The last one especially has been kryptonite to my previous journeys. I feel that there’s no purpose in noPMO if I’m anyway hooking up with girls. The entire point is to retain semen and to gain all the benefits thereof. So here starts my 30-day campaign.

I’m currently on 2 days 6h.

Entry 2:

3days 6h clean. It’s all going well on the noPMO front so far. I’ve had a set-back with my OMAD lifestyle, but i’ll get this back on track tomorrow. What bothers me more was my very low levels of energy during the day. Im hoping that this will pass soon. Im planning my sleep very diligently, yet i was exhausted today and didnt even finish my 30min exercise regiment. Only got to 24mins. I felt mentally fatigued today and drained. If i sleep well tonight, then im cutting out coffee tomorrow. I must have my natural energy back.