[30M] Karmayogi's 4 Month Transformation Journey

Through this diary I wish to track my progress in 3 key areas in the next 4 months (120 Days)


Product Manager with 40+LPA
I strongly believe that I deserve at least 40 LPA in a product manager role at a well known MNC (preferably MAANG). My college placement fell short of this target, therefore I am all determined to look for opportunities beyond college process and achieve a 40+ LPA role.
I am reading the book decode and conquer and will be finishing it up in next 15 days by devoting at least 2 hours everyday. Additionally, I am revising everything that I learnt in the MBA so far, by giving it an hour daily.

Lean and Fit body
During the NNN I have reestablished the habit of getting up at 5 and completing light exercise with a Sudarshan kriya session. I need to continue the same routine for next 1 month.

An Upbeat and Happy Mind
I am doing affirmations and visualizations to develop a positive self image. The most important things I need to do are:
:white_check_mark: Never compare yourself with others
:white_check_mark: Not to think myself being inferior to any one
:white_check_mark: Always staying positive and optimistic with a smile on my face.



Good luck with your journey @_KarmaYogi and especially with your product manager role. Never doubt yourself and your potential.

My mom used to say: “If you’re the best in the room, then you’re in the wrong room”
You know, in my opinion I think comparing yourself with successful people is good, comparing yourself with unsuccessful people is not. You must always aim higher than you want to have a better chance in reaching your goal


Day 3/120

Product Manager with 40+LPA
Could not study today

Lean and Fit body
Did exercise but couldnt do yoga

An Upbeat and Happy Mind
Did well

Hare Krishna :pray: