[30M] Firdaus's Nofap journey

Hi guys, its officially my 3rd day of hard-mode nofap.
why I post this? because this is the first time I had an idea and cheat-way to get an easiest path of nofap journey which is really suits to myself and might useful for you guys as well.
First of all, I will try my best to make this as my daily basis journal since its good to improve my English :slightly_smiling_face:
okay, the cheat thing that I mentioned above is to LOCK all your apps that will trigger you to PMO. for me, as a freaking addictive person to porn and hentai etc, that easily relapse over n over again, there is no excuses for me to not do this apps LOCK. I know I’m better than this who I was. I really want change as bad as I wanna sleep. I need to take this action and there is no reason for me to use google chrome, facebook, instagram, playstore, youtube and browser (originally from phone). dont ask why I didn’t use DELETE option because all these apps was originally from the phone itself which not allow me to delete the apps. that is why I choose to lock it and I’m not even remembered the password that I input it in. to secure this password, I wrote down in a piece of paper and place it on my office desk. when I back home, for sure I wont be able to access these apps anymore.
this is really helpful for me so far and I didnt feel any strong urge yet. its maybr because my mind already knew that even I had an urge, its lock for me to access any disgusting figure :slight_smile:
this is how you cheat with your own mind. If I had an urge, I tend to feel the energy and take a deep breath and do some work like cleaning house, gym and buy some kitchen stuff.
you wont be able to go back to you old bad habit if you know you wont be able to access anything.
all of you might be wondering how I am able to see anything or entertaint myself on the internet. the answer is always ‘‘NO’’ and there is no option for me to browse any internet from now on until I’m fully healed from this pathetic habit. the real obstacle here is myself and not the internet. I knew if I still easily access to internet, sooner or later, it will leading me to pmo. just the matter of freaking time. I’m really tired and done for who I was. I already decided to change and become a better person of myself. even if this NOFAP thing only able to give me 1-2% better, I will take it rather than become an PMO addict. there is no turning back.
thanks for who reading this and hope you had a nice nofap days. stay strong bros


day 4 :smile:
woke up at 2.30am… feel like I’ve had enough of sleep. straightaway go to bath.
I’ll do my midnight prayers and medidate at 3am.
urges?? nope…all my apps was LOCKED. my mind wont screw with me anymore. hopefully this will be forever and sooner or later I will forgot all dirty websites and pmo images…finger crossed :slight_smile:
gonna go to the gym later at 7am and remember guys, always find a way to keep your body in busy condition. this really help me alot to clear my mind and avoid any negative thought.
this thick pmo bond will be lesser everyday and it will disappear if you kept going bro.
please love our self <3

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I dont know and confused why most of the nofappers always seeking for changes/benefits on themselve and dont they really know what is the main purpose of this nofap journey?
as far as I know, this is the way for you to heal yourself and one of the good remedy from this filthy addiction. the main purpose is to free yourself from PMO!!! why always seeking for benefits/changes?? when you didnt see any benefits so what??! are you gonna relapse? are you that weak?? so you choose PMO over NOFAP again?? come on man… its not true…you know that the benefit and changes will happen but not that instant as you wanted. you just need to chill and it will comes naturally. legit 100% it will come to you. just the time matter bro. you only need to focus on freeing yourself from this addiction. thats all. and change into a good habit and do it constantly. make it as compounded everyday. every little good thing you did, goes in the bag. remember that. nothing gonna wasted even if you cant see instant result. but if its compounded everyday, you will see the changes in yourself, I would say within a year

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day 5 of hard mode
Something really interesting happened to me just now. woke in the middle of night n fingering my partner. she shocked and this is the first time I saw her so intense and feeling into me 100% on how the way I’m doing it. she even scratch my body and lick my ears and neck and thats only fingering bro!! sorry for the details but its really weird thought. fyi, I’ve been with my partnet for 3 years now. I’m saying this because just because of fingering, but with the extra energy that I submit, is enough to make her crazy. the point is, there is something really different about me and the energy comes into my body lately.
the focus to my partner is really good.
I didnt want to get into serious sex because I wont use my semen until we planning to have a baby. until then, I wont waste this vital energy in myself. I’m so lucky that my partner really not into real sex unless if I want to. she not that type of girl that so lustful and doesnt even mind if we didnt have sex for like 1-2months.
because of this advantage, its really suits me to go on this NOFAP journey and survive in long term. even if we had sex, I wear protection and not even ejaculate/orgasm. NOFAP really taught me to appreciate a little bits of your semen bro. why you want to toss something that really benefits to yourself? I will hold it for a year and let see how it goes if she really want a baby :’)

Hey I heard somewhere that when you don’t fap, all the old sperms most of them are even dead are store in your balls and if u use it to make baby it might be a problem , I m not sure. So whenever you decide to have sex for baby I suggest you fap or have pre sex, days before the actual sex for baby , so that the fresh new sperms enter to its destination. Then again I just heard it , it’s not proven , just saying

thanks a lot bro… nice info and make sense a little. might consider that to avoid anything went wrong. gonna study more about this

No need to worry about this. The body either expels the old sperm as waste materials in the bathroom or re-absorbs it for nutrients.

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What is more important when creating new life is the intensity of love in the orgasm. This will propel a lot of energy into the conception.

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yeah true… I heard our body were capable to absorb the unused sperm into a nutrient. sounds good. I’m always go to the gym for muscle mass. hopefully this nutrient giving me something in addition for a better results gain

day 6 on hard mode :’)
going strong and woke up early. make it so easy for me to commit my early morning prayers.
apps was all on LOCK condition and not even try to peek some P eventhough had some urges. damn this really works on me bro!!

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