30 Days NoFap Challenge for beginners!

If you are just beginning, you can talk to about anything here! For starters we are going for a 30 day Challenge


Yes i want to be the part


Ask your friends and other people to join too, as soon as we get at least 5 people up for this I’ll create a discord which will be easier to access!! :smiley:

The longest I have gone is dat 17
Currently on day 5
Loving it

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I’m wanting to join the group


I am in too.

Sharing code - n1jy9g

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 7 days
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - INDIA🚩

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I’ve created this discord server, Pls join this as its to communicate their!!
I’m currently on my day 2 after my last relapse!
Highest I’ve gone is 7 days

How to find the sharing link and where to enter it??


U need to have App. In the app Go to Companions sections. Then at bottom right corner you see three orange dots. Click on that. Option menu will appear. Here choose “My Sharing Code”. Copy that.

Yes I want to be part of the challenge.


I’m trying to avoid falling further into those weird sensations

How to subscribe anyone? Or i need ask everybody for a code?