30 Days Done ( My story )

I DID IT. Completed one month of nofap. This is the first time in my life after starting masturbation as far as I remember. Previous record was 25 days. Feeling extremely good and grateful. …This app motivated me a lot

Benefits:- Confidence level :level_slider: very High.
Productivity uppp … Now i am doing quite good in my life and on my way to achieving my goals. Mind is very clear so my performance is increased in every field be it study , social life, family etc, I am healthy from inside and outside. Body is fully recovered . Although sometimes I do get urges slightly but I just ignore them the thing is I am busy doing my work so it’s not a problem anymore.

Next target: to continue this epic journey and take it to next level. 90 days from now , day by day I have to become more greater.

Thanks NoPMO and this app and everyone who motivated me .:crossed_fingers:t2::muscle::tiger2:

Also I want to add i was such a pervert and in fact a very very disgusting person bcoz porn made me so evil . But finally now i am in my full senses. No pmo cured my behaviour and overall made me a better person.:crossed_fingers:t2:


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