30 days challenge from 21 April who is with me

I am starting this challenge of purity.
This challenge is for who is interested.

Every day plan:

  1. Bicycle 30 minutes / Walking 30 minutes / 10 push ups
  2. Recite religious book for 20 minutes
  3. Cold shower
  4. Writing short notes

I am on the way.
Are you?
Please comment to this post.


Happy birthday I guess :grin:

I’m in

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I’m in. Let’s do this

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Day1 : Challange for rewiring

I updated the time, anyway some good habits:

I had ran bicycle for about 1 hour
Recite holy quran fo about 20 minutes
Went to work quite early than other days

Need to be more connected with soulful works

Like reading books and holy quran

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#Day 2 : Looking for ideal and quality good time
I want to earn knowledge of good thing
Want to gain more moral strength
I want to be more religious and value person.

Hey bro, it’s good to see, that you started, I’ll update here started from tomorrow.

I’m currently on day 2 ,

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Yes bro good to hear.
Wish you Happy and pure Time

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Welcome to the community

Again i edited the story headline from 6 April to 21 April.

I should be very serious about my speech.

I want to win myself.

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