30 days Being the best

Starting journaling for 30 days . I think self assessment of ourselves will help me get better control of myself. If you visit , then you may as well as advice me too. Thanks for support.


Day 1 The day was not too good. I stayed away from porn. But i used a failed technique i replaced my addiction by other i binge watched. But realizing that afterwards i went out of my house to meet with others . It helped me heal some more. Looking forward to the next day.


Day 2 was one of the most productive days i did all habits that i were supposed to so. Enjoyed the day

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Can I join the challenge? Ready to rock and roll and defeat this demon.

Yes if you want to join me you can
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Day 3 i felt into trap of this monster. Feeling down but i will rise again and do my best . Let’s go

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name sundhar

Ok bro got ya . But you need to stay active

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Let’s defeat this demon together.

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