30-90 day targets lost

I’d set a 30 day target in hard mode that I didn’t make it through, pretty much today at about 13 days.
Well it made me think what I wanted out of this and why I’m doing this. So I made a new goal, this is going to be soft mode, which means I’m going to come inside a girl or never till 90 days. In the between I’ll work out 3-4 days a week and meditate to keep my emotions in control or rather try as much.

To give a background I don’t have a porn addiction, I’m doing it more for self improvement, have a kick ass body and control emotions, nothing except nofap and girls screws emotions that bad.

I know this post is not relatable to many, if it does, some lines, tips would be great.

I think you are not ready for hard mode.
You have to understand yourself about it. Go fuck your girl and have an experience


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You maybe right, I don’t think I thought about it that way

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