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Porn and masturbation go hand in hand. Quit both.

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Dude… The goal of giving up PMO is to stop being horny all the time. Its about u controlling your urges and not the other way round

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I actually don’t count sex as a relapse. Nor orgasm. But if its thro porn and masturbation. Its a relapse my g

You should just have sex dude…

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I dunno what to say man… As u can see here on the forum, many people find problems with quitting it on later. So maybe try an alternative. Make your partner understand

It depends if you are on:

Easy mode:
Stop porn and limit but not quit masturbation.

Normal mode:
Quit porn and masturbation.

Hard mode:
Nothing sexual at all, no porn, no masturbation, no sex.

I recommend you to try normal mode and if you want a reboot you can try hard mode for like 90 days. Hard mode is usually just for a reboot, not a lifestyle, on hard mode you reach your goal and you are done. Normal and easy mode are both things you can and should do for your whole life.

I’m on hard mode because I’m too young for sex :sweat_smile:

By the way easy mode can kinda be harder sometimes I think, because if you fap you may want to look at porn too but I don’t know, I’ve never tried it.
Again, I recommed you normal mode but you decide :)⠀

My opinion that please don't argue about this I can't not to say it but don't kill me for it: (click here)


Faith in humanity: Restored

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I thought you are horny like me a the time. If you are married then I don’t see any problems having sex with your spouse. Just don’t masturbate or watch porn, everything else is fine

Have a great sex life buddy

Well, I don’t know much about relationships since I’ve never been in one, but I think I’ve heard masturbating with your couple is a healthy sexual practice.
The way I see it, porn is the (main) problem. Addiction to porn is the problem. Personally, I wouldn’t masturbate without porn. For me porn and its unreal depictions of sex and situations is what hurts people the most.

But idk, if your partner enjoys watching you and even helps you out with it, I think that could be considered a healthy sexual interaction between a couple. I’m not sure, but I guess that is what couples would do, especially in this pandemic. You might want to consult the views sexologists and such have on that, though.
If you’re struggling with porn then that’s the problem you should tackle first.

Sorry if my opinions are “inciting.”

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Thanks for your reply! That’s kinda what I’m wanting to get clarity on… addiction to anything is not good, but making sure its healthy what I do partake in, especially with my partner. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Hey man, keep it censored or atleast a bit hidden, it’s triggering on the forum here , since there are many people trying to quit PMO.

I know you just want help , that’s good , keep up the good work but just keep the details to a bare minimum so as to not trigger anyone .


Stay Strong!!

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I’m so sorry! Will do better with that in the future. Thanks for letting me know, & I appreciate the support too!

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Point noted appreciated bro

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