3 months without fallen

Days Completed :
91 days
Benefits :
A lot of energy for study
How did I battle the urges :
Pornography has destroyed part of our life and I want to share my experience. I have not fallen for almost 3 months, after many years of failing.
I consider 3 important points and although it sounds stupid, I’m going to write it because it’s working for me.

  1. One of the things that helped me the most is putting subliminal audio while I was sleeping to stop pornography and masturbate change it for constantly do Pranayama
    “If the glass is full it spills”
    Pranayama is very important for transmute your sexual energy and calm your anxiety and depression
  2. Another thing that is also important is to ask the mother earth (yes, if I am talking about mother earth) it is an intelligent and living being
    I asked to earth (on my knees) to let me understand the flaw of lust for pornography and take it away (I understood why the ancient cultures respected her so much)
  3. metagenealogy with biodecoding: on this point, in particular, search it in google
    And It will not be solved magically but it does help a lot, believe me, we are together in the hard fight friends

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