3 months, 3 days, and 3 hours

Thats how long i have been smoke free. I quit from 1,5 packs a day, to zero, cold turkey. Quitting smoking made me take a deep look at myself, realizing, i was addicted to other things. Mainly suger, and PMO. PMO is by far the hardest of these things to quit, but it is also the thing that rewards you the most… Face you deamons, man. There is no way around them. 4 days in to my streak now, and starting to feel real good again. Hope you are doing great too. XOXO <3


you can do it. :slight_smile: Keep Going :slight_smile:


Amazing congratulations on quitting I have been going cold turkey myself haven’t smoked for almost 3 months now and don’t plan to return to smoking before that I was on off in quitting but last year was very pivotal point as I made amazing progress also similar the process to start quitting made me realise other addiction and yes PMO is the toughest but by quitting smoke it gives courage if I can quit smoking I can kill this one also cause quitting smoking also feels impossible in beginning

God bless let’s kill this PMO also


Congratulations on quitting smoking…

I am 5 years sober too, I used to do 2.5 packs a day, thats minimum by the way, not average :joy:.

I know its one of the toughest things to quit so, congratulations again on your 3 months…

You did the right thing quitting PMO too, keep going. :muscle:


Well done for quitting smoking, and to the others here as well :clap: I’ve been off it for a while now and don’t regret quitting one bit.