3 days and gave in

I am slowly improving, but I still keep relapsing. I want this to end, but it is so hard. How do those who last a week or more do it. Share your secrets. Thanks


I was same like you… First 3days my companions forced me to think twice before I act upon anything… Later 4th day I just wrote why I want to quit this PMO habit ~ genuine reasons which force me to be more clean than currently I am.
Later I wrote what are triggers which bring me back to PMO(I have done research about myself from many months then I know what are the cues to relapse)
Later whenever I got urges I take deep breath–> read the reason for quitting PMO and make myself busy in some task either household chores or in office work.
Constant support from companions helped more.


i used my anger to push me. i also wrote an essay of everything that influenced my unhealthy sexuality and read it out loud to a group of 9 ppl.

I read and seriously implement this book below.
It’s not a secret because I often recommend it. Good luck

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Porn reboot Jk Emezi
Follow this guy it helps me might be it will help you also he has a lot of free informational content

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