[27 M] Abdullah Daily Habits Tracking and Journal

Hi, Try to write journal everyday with following tips:-
1:- Grateful for
2:- Progress
3:- Difficulties
4:- Today’s Benefits or opposite


Ummm…It looks familiar :thinking:. Am I ever used this habits template/list in first ever post of my Diary :thinking:.
Haha… just kidding, I am glad you used my habits template to improve yourself.
If you want full list of habits which I created for myself then let me now, I’ll send you the full template/list. :handshake:


Yeah, It’s your bro. I was just creating the templates and exploring these things.
Will start working on it soon with my own habits. Thanks for support

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Report of 17/4/23
Day 1 :person_with_white_cane:

:white_check_mark: Focus while praying
:x: Prayer 3 times in mosque.
:x: Quran with meaning before sleep
:x: Spend 1 hour on writing strategies and diary etc.
:x: Exercise (Stretching only)
:white_check_mark: Meditation
:x: Cold Shower
:x: 2 hour only phone use
:x: No over sleep
:white_check_mark: No overthinking
:x: No News
:x: No Sexual imagination / Leak
:x: No comparing yourself with anyone

After doing heavy relapse on 16th night today I am feeling very low, no motivation to do anything. So I missed Zuhar prayer (in mosque) due to excess sleeping and also missed eesha will do qaza later. At night urges came so i was fantasizing something and missed to read etc.

I will try my best from now to don’t miss any of these.

:star_struck: Today No Benefits
:sob: Low mood, No motivation, Restlesness at night

Progress Demands Sacrifice.


I am idiot, so idiot is back once again after loosing weight, energy and decision making power.
Yes, I had idea how to do it but just because I am lazy and procatinate things and always say will do tomorrow makes me loser and I lost the path everytime.


I need to understand this and have to be active always or else I will never be sucess in this journey.

Exercise your Brain not to fantasize go to past.
Past have nothing new to say

We loose our present happiness by worrying about our future and we fantasize about our future like if we get a job we will always be happy but it’s an illusion. Even If we will get the job we just get job only and other pains will always be there like in present we have some pain and some pleasure.

So Enjoy your every moment and bear pain for a future where there is no pain only gain.

Summary :-



Report of 2/10/23
Day 2

:white_check_mark: 5 Times Prayer
:white_check_mark: 10 verse Quran (Arabic and translation)
:x: 4 hour study (Did plan only today)
:x: 2 Time Cold Shower (1 only need to buy bucket)
:white_check_mark: No junk (Eat, Drink and social media / YouTube / Binge News)
:x: Veg only (Eat Chicken)
:white_check_mark: Follow diet plan
:white_check_mark: Exercise
:white_check_mark: Guarding your eye

It’s day 2 and feeling sleepy whole day, I relapsed more than 10 times to P & M in last 8 days so obviously no energy but it should not stop me to achieve my dreams.

Report of 3/10/23
Day 3

:white_check_mark: 5 Times Prayer (maybe Eesha miss)
:white_check_mark: 10 verse Quran ( translation missed)

It’s hard day for me, In pg food is worst and I am focusing on saving so I should spent to gain helatha as health is the main thing of life.
I need timetable due to lack of this I am missing the above things.

Definitely I will post my timetable here tomorrow.
Good Night Everyone

I am not doing work and saying that I will do it tomorrow or will start from tomorrow and it’s going from years and years as I see the have guarantee that there is tomorrow.
Please try to understand your Time is limited and you should not postpone your work for tomorrow, there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come for you.

Time is a biggest blessing and it’s limited so start it from today.

I am not focusing anywhere else because of money, whenever I am try to a thought comes that I have to complete so and so lessons to hold a good job but this job is giving me stress.
Whenever I am planning to increase faith or to do social work fear of poverty, lower success compare to others and many thoughts are coming.

Listen Abdullah, Whatever is written for you it will be given to you, stop chasing money and believe it’s hard than said.
Focus on increasing your faith and money will come to you (Taqwa) and this money will end one day.
Don’t fear of poverty or being less than others but fear the fire of hell.

Poverty is not guaranteed but hell fire is so give more focus on your deeds.


JazakAllah (May ALLAH give you reward) for this word which will definitely motivate me

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I am really confused regarding my way of career, which way I should choose.
I got urges today and devil trapped me to relapse but Alhamdulillah somehow I managed to escape from it.
I got urges to see street girls but I managed and suddenly I changed my thoughts from what not to do to what I have to do.
I start to plan for an hour, went for a prayer and the urges settled down.

Focus on what you have to do instead of what not to do, That’s how I saved today.

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Either you stop today or it will be your story.
Children is the biggest blessing of whole life for man and you may miss this if you ejaculate like this regularly.
So stop it, Yes you can do it

Hey, I am going on day 7 and last two days was really tough for me and today is the biggest battle of this week.
It is biggest because today is holiday and I am alone in room so I have to fight it with my willpower.
If I got bored maybe you know…
So My plan is to take a shower first then pray, after that I will do some coding and watch a movie.
Hope this time will pass easy, Pray for me warriors, I don’t want to loose this battle at this early stage😶

Will add strategy after pass this day.
The Day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Be Wise

Its time to rewire the brain to get a serotonin, dopamine or whatever release from other activities like a Workout/Jogging or Meditation. Have a nice day Soldiers :crossed_swords:


I relapsed heavily in this week, I got info that there is a war started btw 2 countries so I installed YouTube and also Twitter to get updates.
This was a biggest mistake, I stopped checkin here and spent time on Twitter, and also YouTube reels sucks.
I got triggered via those videos then reached pics on Twitter and both destroyed me and I was not checkin so no motivation.
In this time 2 relapse on Sunday and Monday then 3 on Thursday after that roommate are here so I see reels mostly sexual on YouTube then relapse again 2 times on Sunday.
In a week 7 times. Shit even I jerk to my ex who is a bitch but I still I fantasize her and masterbate :sob::sob:

**1:-**Never install anything in mobile for any reason, don’t change your way of living.

Bear The Pain of Suffering or the pain of regret.

2:- When I started for another reason I land here so I have no self control :sob:. Don’t know how to gain i will surely come later

3:- Jerk to P even know it is wrong so it is not settled in subconscious mind and I don’t have much desire to day it.

4:- Ex Imagine is worst no self-esteem. Work on it.


1:- Lost 1 week totally, whole time sleep, stress, pimple etc

Day 1
Alhamdulillah, I am alive blessed with Islam, Completed my prayer today and the best part of my life is I am ummati of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Alhamdulillah, I have a job so I am earning my own self
Alhamdulillah, My limbs are working fine.


I will do it no matter what.
I will sacrifice everything to achieve Freedom.
I am not a slave of my desire.
Patience comes from patience so be patience.
Hey, Remember this time will pass, just wait patiently for a while and everything will be changed.

I did my prayer
I miss meditation today
I write diary
I miss shower today.

Will come back tomorrow.

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