[25M] strongwillpower's Diary

So im finally here and i thought the best way to abstain is to write diary Daily. As i cant write with pen and paper because if anyone finds out those papers then it would be a problem.

So from now i will write here daily and i promise i will be completely honest with everyone over here.

It’s Day 0, 8 hrs 15 mins
Yesterday night i watch videos and did the thing and after that, you all know how it feels. Complete mess.
My personal best streak :- 30 Days
Every time I’ll get an urge… i will write in my replies about it and what caused the urges.

Ok so, lets do this.

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You got this! Believing comes from the mind. And doing a journal/diary in the forum is brilliant. Good luck to you!


It’s a new start brother, we’re all supporting you! :+1:t4::fire::100:


Thank you jam5c and forerunner


Day 0, 22hr 34mins

I felt pain in my abdomen and a lot of tiredness today, there is a probability that i will feel weakness tomorrow. Didn’t got any urge for fapping or even watching videos also. Sleeping early today cuz i have to set my bio-time cycle. Good night guys.


Day 1, 9hrs 56 mins

I was bathing and i saw my shampoo texture looks same as something that i know. I immediately laughed at that thought :joy: and got out of that thought process. No hard urges till now.


Day 1, 19hrs 17 mins

Unfollowed many eye tempting pages on instagram. The site i used to visit the most came infront of my eyes 1-2 times today. Pushed them away.


Wise decision bro, good job today. You can always say no. Be mindful of triggers and move towards self-improvement daily.

Keep going!


Tiredness is normal in first days. You’re doing right. Small steps, like setting bio-time cycle, thinking day by day. That’s the best you can do.
Be cautious. As you feel tired you’re more likely to have some urges. Be patient, after fe days you will feel better and have energy for turning yourself into the great man.
I’m with you brother.


Thank you @Forerunner and @Hubinho

Day 2, 7hrs 28 mins.
Good morning guys, good morning my diary.
I feel much better than yesterday. Im planning to start some excercises as I’ve gained up weight and a round belly during this lockdown.

But is it right to start excercises right after you stop fapping for so many years. what i mean to say is will my depleted body resources (because of fapping) support those excercises?

Im planning for lunges, planks, side planks and crunches

When i was having my first 30 day streak, i started excercise from day 1. And after a week, there were muscle soars.

Any advice about this?


Muscle soreness is natural when you have gone a long time without exercising. Even people who don’t do PMO or MO experience that, it’s natural.

Don’t overwork yourself straight away, do enough exercise that it makes a difference but don’t overdo it. You can increase the difficulty slowly as your stamina and strength increase over the weeks.

You will be fine to start exercising again, don’t worry. Thankfully, our bodies repair much faster than it takes us to damage them. It takes years for us to damage them with addictions, but we can begin repairing the damage within a few months.


Okay thanks buddy! Glad to have friends like you!


Day 2, 20 hrs

Few hours ago as i was working on pc, i suddenly got an image in front of my eye, it was one of those videos that i watched, and in a moment many related videos came in front of my eyes related to the categories that i used to watch.

I just closed my eyes, brought this diary infront of my eyes and thought about you all guys. If i had watched few videos then i would have failed your hopes and blessings for me.

I opened my eyes, i could feel that sudden surge in the body which tends us to fap (dopamine effect) literally, i could feel that surge.

I took some deep breaths, and got back to my work.
Thanks guys.


You have a strong will power man hahaha!!
Keep going, you got this!!!


That was beautifully done bro! Man, what a way to come back to your senses!

Remember that technique for next time!


Day 3, 10 hrs 1 min.

I play pubg a lot. For the past 2 weeks I’ve not studied a single thing. I was just busy completing missions and achievements on the game. (Thry dont just let us leave the game)
Im having severe headache for the past 1 week because of it now.

So i decided.
I took 2-3 achievements within the game and decided them to complete them before the in-game season ends which is on 13th May.
Last night i just completed all those achievements. And today since the morning.im relaxed i haven’t touched that game. And i have decided. On 13th May, that is going to be the last day of me playing pubg. I’ll collect the season rewards and then boom…uninstall !
I will post about it on 13th May.


Day 4, 6hrs 31mins

I get random boners when i chat with my gf. Even for normal chats. Sometimes when im sitting ideal, with nothing to do, i get a random boner. I dont know why this happens with me.
The only thing i do is not to touch that boner. Eventually after few mins it goes.

Can anyone tell me how do these random boners come even if we are not thinking about sxx or PMO.

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It’s normal, think about morning boners. The good ones come without p or s dreams. Don’t worry, just ignore them.


Day 4, 21hrs 8 mins

No huge urges, just few random boners. I hope their number will decrease with time.

Confession :- whenever i wake up, the first thing i do is checking my phone, checking whatsapp, instagram and forum. then after that i get out of the bed.

I think this is a bad start to the day

Rewiring :- from tomorrow morning onwards i’m not going to do this. Instead I’ll read, study, do some meditation or get out of the bed.


Your bed must be only to sleep budy! Keep going, you are doing great!!!