[25M] Rocky's everyday fight

First time I did it more than 10 years ago, I don’t know the exact year, because I was so unaware of destructiveness of that thing. I discovered truth about watching porn around 2 years ago and I wanna fight with my addiction, by far I reached 32 days as my best result without PMO.

I really don’t know how can I stop it. I habe bought software for blocking *orn in the browsers, same thing on my cellphone, but… my creativity is unstoppable. When I feel urge I will find the way to get videos. I tried variety of different methods, this forum is one of them. Some of you guys have so impressive recovery stories, for me you are heroes.

Yesterday I broke 16 days streak. From fourteen’s day I coudn’t focus and I was keep thinking about doing it again. And I did it. Today also. Now, one hour after that I feel horrible and I hate myself. I am thinking, why I am doing it, when will I stop.

Therefore, after many years of this destructive habbit it’s time for final quit. Here’s my diary where I am gonna post my daily’s report.

Also, I wanna reduce using my cellphone. I am gonna install software tracking time in using cellphone per day and report it here.

I promise to God, you guys and to myself. I will do whatever I can in quitting PMO habbit.



Can you think of anything you’re ashamed of if it ever got revealed to anybody you know. I have found willpower is weak when there is a deep shame over us causing self harm behavior.


Thanks for this advice, it is not gonna be easy, but maybe essential.

Yesterday 5h 15 min on the phone and relapsed. Tomorrow’s report have to be better.


Yesterday clear.
3h 58min on the phone.

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3h3m spent on the cell phone.

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Yesterday clear, 1h 58 on the phone.

Clear, 2h 59 min on the cell phone

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Yesterday clear. 4h 2min on the phone.

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Five days streak!!! :heart:

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12 days streak. Still feel strong. I read or listen everyday motivational book or podstast. This give me power. :slight_smile:

16 days streak and feel strong :muscle:

That’s fucking cool, Rock. Still foward bro, don’t surrender!

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22 days streak!

I am reading a book how to quit p*** for good. This is a story of one guy who was addicted for many years.

Also, almost everyday I watch motivational videos about successful stories eg.

28 days! So close to beat my highest streak on 31 days. POWER !

46 days! I forgot about PMO and even if I feel horrible I have no need to use this s***.

Open way to 50 days and then 90 days!

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YES!!! 50 days completed!

What I observed - my eyes are little bigger and they have specific flash on the surface. The skin is also smoother. Eyebrows seems to have more hair.

Mentally I dont feel much difference, but maybe I am not concious of that.

Anyway I am so proud of myself !!!

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Reset at 51 days. Next one will be 90!

After sometime with no concentration and self-discipline I am going back to challange.


4 days streak by far

9 days streak today, but urges are often…